WOW! Finally an update...man there's been happening a lot, but not so much relating the releases...we're so fucken lazy...we haven't rehearsed for half a year or so...

But we've got some gigs coming up...one was on last Saturday in Mülheim with MIHOEN! and COCKROACH from the Netherlands which was really cool!!!

Here's a list, we suck:

04.06. Stemwede / Dielinger Str. + ATROCIOUS MADNESS & THE NOW-DENIAL
03.07. Bielefeld / AJZ + D.R.I. & HIGHSCORE
10.07. Delbrück / Kotten + RIISTETYT
31.08. Rietschen / Jugendhaus Hammerstadt @ PARA RAIO FESTIVAL III


Hell-O! Got back! Have a shit year 2002!

We're going to have some upcoming releases on vinyl finally:

Crucial Records comp. 7"
w/ Dystrophy / Pissed Youth / Fuerza X / Killed in Action / Faces of Death / Sharp Knife / Hate Mail Killers / Voetsek

No Value / Pissed Youth 5"e.p.
We gonna team up with on of the most amazing Thrash bands from Japan right now! This will be limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl!

Dystrophy / Pissed Youth 7"e.p.
This is gonna be released on Fast For Life Records very soon I hope, we just got to do the cover artwork! Dystrophy come from San Francisco and kick some serious ass!!!

Pissed Youth Tape
includes all recordings from 2000. This will be especially released for the kids in South East Asia on Ugly Smkoker Distribution!!!

Fast For Life Records comp. 7"
w/ a bunch of bands...

European Hardcore Compilation 10"
w/ Reproach and many more...this is gonna put out by Reflex Records from Belgium!

Video Game Comp. 7"
on Crazy Hot Dog Records from the U.$.A w/ Oxbaker / Jesus Philbin / Koal Slaw / Godstomper / Bad Gene Pool / Rex 48 / Pinko and the Action Boys / Capitalist Casualties / Iranach / Pissed Youth and Crucial Unit. This is gonna be cool, every band did a song about a classic Video Game like Gyruss, Excite Bike, Ikari Warriors, Dig Dug, Pong, Wizards of Wor and the shite!!!! CRANK!


Yeah, there's a Cover Fest going in Rüssel 58 on Friday 4th of January 2002!! We're going to do old GANG GREEN songs from the Boston not L.A. comp. and their Selfish E.P. There's also some drugged bands coming up, I'll quit here have a look at the flyer!!!


Finally after a month or so the guestbook is working again, there was a server error occuring, so go ahead and sign it, it's fixed!!!

Fucking shit! REPROACH won't make it to tour germany, so the three concerts are cancelled, but the gigs will happen anyway. Perhaps on Friday 19th of october we will organize a gig for SAF from the Netherlands in our rehearsal room, even thought it's not allowed, but what the fuck...they rule!!


Put some new links up, also I'll add a show section! Violator doesn't manage to bring the lyrics for the website nor the South East Asia Tape! C'mon baby, get off your big ass!


I just got to know that the gig in Mol won't happen for us, what a shame! We can't manage to do rehearsals, so we would fuck it up!

Seemingly Reproach will confirm the 3-day mini tour in northern germany tour for 19th - 21st of October in Bielefeld, Rheine and Rüssel. Expect some piracy fuelled thrash destruction.

We're going to release a tape including all recordings from our first studio session from April 2001. Contact Hisham/Ugly Smoker Distribution from Malaysia for more info!


I redid the site totally and tuned up the guestbook a little bit. Seems we have a gig in Mol/Belgium on 15th of September together with SHANK, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION and GROINCHURN. Think we'll be crushed.

There's also a show coming on with us, REPROACH and SUBKUTAN in Rheine on Oct. 20th. Hopefully the Belgian scumbags are going to join in, their recordings for their 7" are awesome! Get it!

The other day on 21th of Oct. i'll have the DUMBSTRUCK gig in Rüssel with RACAK from Berlin delivering some fine Thrash in the vein of HERESY plus hopefully REPROACH!!!! I'll put flyers up at g7records.de as well, so keep your eyes open!


Hey kids! Finally some mp3's are online. Sorry for the poor quality, but hey, fuck it! Check back for more soon!